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Spring Newsletter 2017

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Continued working relationship with the University of Arizona Athletics Department…BEAR DOWN! 

Dr. Brunner continues to work as a regular external consultant to the UA Athletics Department, providing careful assessments of their NCAA Division I student athletes from a wide array of sports.  He is honored to be working alongside a colleague, Dr. Amy Athey, Director of Clinical and Sport Psychology Services at Arizona.  The University of Arizona is recognized as having an innovative psychological service team, representing a broader trend whereby behavioral science is increasingly being used to maximize the performance of athletes.  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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Continued use of the scientifically supported non-medication based approach to treating ADHD or working memory problems.

With great success we continue to work closely with youth and adults who struggle with attention or focusing problems through appropriate utilization of a cutting edge scientifically based computer game called Cogmed.

How Cogmed works:

Online link to summary of scientific studies:

Latest summary of scientific evidence: Cogmed: Claims & Evidence Complete Version-V.3



Continuing to stay active in the Professional Community

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German Translation of our scientific measure published by Hogrefe Publishers. 


Growing Legal and Expert Witness facet of practice

— Dr. Brunner continues to increasingly serve as a forensic psychologist and consultant, who also works with Court systems and attorneys to precisely assess and provide recommendations regarding issues such as legal decision-making/parenting time, general mental health evaluations, and parenting fitness evaluations.  In doing so, Dr. Brunner continues to draw from his three core areas of expertise: evidence-based treatment, child and adolescent psychology, and providing assessment using cutting edge behavioral science tools.



Our internationally published and widely utilized State Trait Anger Expression Inventory – Second Edition (STAXI-2 C/A) has now been adapted into 11 languages around the globe.


REMINDER: What are references you can use to understand what the most powerful behavioral science methods are? How do you weed through practitioners in order to find one that will be the most effective?  What is an example of Dr. Brunner talking about a very contemporary issue so you get a better feel for him? 

-Update on the list of Empirically Supported Psychological Treatments (EST’s):

-My Blog about EST’s: What are the Most Powerful Psychological Techniques? How to find the best help for you or your child’s emotional or behavioral issues

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