Parents & Professionals

Parents and/or adults and professionals come to my door for a wide variety of reasons. Scroll down to see common reasons adults come to see me for reasons not related to parenting. Immediately below I provide a list of more parent-specific needs expressed to me by adults:

-What techniques can I use to effectively respond to their child’s
challenging behavior?
-How can I get my child to open up to me more?
-What are ways we can be firm but kind with our child so certain misbehavior stops?
-How can I figure out what is going wrong with my child…his doctor just wants to medicate her?
-We are divorced, and my ex-wife and I want to help minimize the negative impact of the divorce on our child. How do we do that?
-Does my son who is in college have a learning disability?
-How can we get our chidren to stop competing so aggressively?
-How can we get our child to stop coming into out bed at night?

My approach with parents is to learn not just about what problems they want solved, but their experiences with previous healthcare professionals. That way I can fine tune my approach to what they are looking for.

Adults and professionals who are not parents, or do not have parent related concerns, also come to my door. If they have seen other healthcare professionals, we will discuss what worked and did not work so we develop a sense of how I will best serve them. Here are some samples of needs adults/professionals voice to me:

-What is causing me to feel depressed or anxious?
-I just lost my husband, what can I do to help me through my grieving?
-I keep getting into unhealthy relationships, how can I make better choices?
-I am not happy at work with my boss, what can I do to work with him without gettng so stressed out?
-I have been on medication for X condition, what skills can I learn to minimize how much medication I need to take
-I was abused as a child, how can I heal myself?
-I have problems with not being ale to get certain thoughts out of my head, how can I learn to let these go?

It is important for adults to understand that there are evidence-based treatments for many emotional/behavioral problems.