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Post these statements on your refrigerator to keep you and those around you well fed with some eternally enriching food for thought

You can forward this to anyone you think who might enjoy posting this on their refrigerator.  The below list of statements is also attached on a single sheet of paper so it can be easily printed and posted.

Everyone goes to their refrigerator every day, many times a day.  It is great to be reminded of some internal truths, especially to help us keep a wise and far-reaching perspective by staying focused on penetrating insights.

Over the years I have come across the below statements that have continually remained relevant to the growth I see my clients undergo on a daily basis.  Many of these statements are not easy to swallow, but when digested will give you the greatest form of wealth:  Personal Enlightenment


Click here for your refrigerator-ready set of statements to print:      Refrigerator_Best_Sayings

-The more difficult an experience is, the more you will learn and grow with it.

-There is no growth without change, and no meaningful change without pain.

-Become comfortable with being uncomfortable.

-Live each day as if it was your last, as if your Obituary will be written from the impression you made on others today.

-Do not look down on someone unless you are helping them up.

-When fighting monsters, make sure you do not become one.

-Seek first to understand, then to be understood.

-Friends are either there for a reason, for a season, or for a lifetime – the latter are rare and to be cherished.

-It can take years to build deep and satisfying relationships, yet only seconds to destroy them.

-It is not how smart you are, but how careful, persistent, and hard-working you are.

-Success is based on 1% inspiration, and 99% perspiration.

-With great gifts come great responsibilities to help others with them.

-Toughness/Grit or Courage is not the result of the absence of anxiety, but the mastery of it.

-The worst things to have in life are regrets; it is better to have dared great things and failed than to have lived in the grey twilight of blandness.

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