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2 Tables Make it Crystal Clear: Sending your child to college without a precise career plan is no longer an option

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Tuition for colleges and even vocational training programs has increased to the point where it is not even affordable for higher income families unless they put themselves into financial debt. Meanwhile, a great amount of students go to college who instead could attend technical schools, minimize debt, and maximize happiness and financial stability. 

Save your family 10’s of 1,000’s of $$$$$$$$$ by investing in completely personalized and precision guided career guidance, while they are in high school or beginning college, such that they begin college or a vocational training program with their career and goals in mind.  My personalized career matching process has ensured many students are now in deeply fulfilling careers. 

A multistage, precise career guidance process also ensures you save money as you and your student  – or you as a career transitioning adult  – understand what classes you can take online instead of paying higher fees for in-person courses!!!  If you are sending your child to college without them having a very clear sense of their Career Sweet Spot, you stand a decent chance of going into debt for no good reason!

Scary Statistics regarding student trends and prevalence of unhappy professionals

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