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Forensic/Legal Presentations

Dr. Brunner has given numerous presentations, many of them alongside judges or attorneys. They include the following:

Adam, K. S., Brunner, T. M., & West-Watt, J. M. (June 2021). Understanding and Accounting for the Most Common Trauma-Related Issues Facing Judges, Juries, and Attorneys.  State Bar of Arizona 2021 Annual Convention. Virtual Convention. 

Brunner, T. M, & Picus, J. (June 2017). Safe Haven Therapy. (Member of Mental Health Panel) State Bar of Arizona 2017 Annual Convention, Westin La Paloma, Tucson, Arizona.

Brunner, T. M. (August 2016). Three Ways to Get the Best Results from Your Mental Health Provider. (Member of Panel) AZ Chapter of AFCC Lunch and Learn, Tucson, Arizona.

Brunner, T. M., Assini, J., Strum, E., & Toale, S. (2016). Effective Identification, Assessment, and Handling of “Hazardous Parenting Material”: Containing the Narcissist and Catching the Stealthy Coercive-Controller. (Member of Forensic Panel Presentation) 2016 AFCC Conference Panel Presentation, Sedona, Arizona.

Brunner, T. M., & Toale, S. (2015). Forensic Therapy 101: Therapy Recommendations, Evidence-based Resources, & Best Practices: How to Not Fumble the Therapy Ball. (Member of Psychologist Panel Presentation) Advanced Family Law Conference, Tucson, Arizona.

Brunner, T. M., Barrasso, R., Abrams, L., Toale, S. (2015). Malignant Divorce (Member of Forensic Panel Presentation) AFCC Conference Panel Presentation, Sedona, Arizona.

Brunner, T. M. & Toale, S. (2014). How to Use Behavioral Science to Cultivate the Strongest Possible Character in Youth Offenders. Invited Forensic Presentation for the Pima County Community Justice Board, Pima County Attorney’s Office. Tucson, Arizona.

Brunner, T. M. (2013). How Behavioral Science is Rapidly and Radically Changing the Business Success Formula.  Keynote Presentation. National Association of Women Business Owners, Tucson Chapter. Professional Luncheon. Tucson, Arizona.    

Brunner, T. M., Reyes, R., & Toale, S. (2011). Advanced Anger Assessment Using the STAXI-2 C/A to Identify Anger Profiles. Paper Presentation. National Association of School Psychology Annual Conference. San Francisco, California. 

Brunner, T. M. (2011). Advanced Anger Assessment Using “Anger Profiling” to Assess a Psychological Vital Sign.  Continuing Education Presentation. Child & Adolescent Psychiatry Grand Rounds.  University Medical Center.  Tucson, Arizona.  

Toale, S. J. & Brunner, T. M. (2011). Advanced Assessment of Anger Dynamics that Affect Relationships between Bullies and Victims, Arizona Association of Family and Conciliation Courts Conference, January 2012. Tucson, Arizona.

Toale, S. J., & Brunner, T. M. (2011). Advanced Assessment of Anger Dynamics that Affect Relationships Between Bullies and Victims, International Association for Relationship Research – Health, Emotions, and Relationships Mini-Conference. Tucson, Arizona.

Brunner, T. M. (2010). Conducting Thoughtful Risk Assessment. Ventura County School District. Ventura County, California. 

Brunner, T. M. (2007). Spotting psychological rattlesnakes to avoid a liability bite. Presentation to the Pediatric Physicians Group of the Pima County Medical Society. Tucson, Arizona.

Brunner, T. M. (2004). Assessing anger in aggressive/homicidal and depressive/suicidal children. Psychology Department Case Conference, Department of Clinical and Health Psychology, University of Florida & Shands Hospital, June 2004. Gainesville, Florida.   

Brunner, T. M., Spielberger, C. D, & Engh, B. J. (2003). Assessing anger, anxiety, and depression in  aggressive/ homicidal and depressive/suicidal children. Poster presented at the biennial meeting of the Society for Research in Child Development, April 2003. Tampa, Florida.   

Brunner, T. M., Spielberger, C. D, & Kinder, B. N. (2003). Differentiating between aggressive and depressive children based on their anger style. Paper presented at the annual meeting of the Society of Personality Assessment, March, 2003.  San Francisco, California.