My commitment is to help you or your child reach your potential by using assessment tools to get to the root of any problems. I specialize in providing “x-ray” assessments that not only clearly identify what the contributors to the problem are, but also what needs to be done to correct the problems. To reliably solve your problem(s), and give you a long term solution, I ensure you understand what strengths and talents you already have that you can use to correct the problem, so you become a stronger person during our work.

We are a low volume, high quality practice offering innovative and long term cost effective assessment and counseling approaches. I have served as an expert witness regarding courtroom questions about assessment and evidence based treatment of children, adolescents and adults. I offer the children and adults I work alongside the opportunity to experience life changing impacts.

While I am a doctor with the highest level of training in my field, I hope to expand your vision for what you can accomplish as you acquire a powerful – and evidence based – toolbox of skills. Get to know me better by visiting me on LinkedIn, or by reading my “Good to Great” blogs. If you are interested in ensuring college results in a sustainable life long career, or want to find your Calling, click here.

My goal is to always be compassionate, and yet to use approaches based in Great Science. My personal involvement in behavioral science research helps me solve problems through awareness of critical aspects of your Personality, whether you are a child or adult.

Known for my expertise (see my publications) in assessment, I use advanced, precise tools to successfully pinpoint how to correct even perplexing learning, behavioral, or emotional challenges. Given my broad skills and in-depth specialties, I have been consulted by parents, schools, pediatricians, attorneys, and healthcare organizations such as St. Joseph’s Hospital here in Tucson.