What we Offer

We provide high quality assessment, consultation and/or treatment to children (ages 6 and up) and adults 


Face-to-Face Availability: We are seeing clients face-to-face while following necessary protocols.  We also offer Zoom meetings so you can meet with us in the comfort of your Home.  We are here to help you – or your child.   

Connecting with Us:   Because we receive many calls, your completing a quick form accelerates our ability to setup a time for you to talk with me about your situation, which is part of my highly personalized approach. 

My Commitment to You: For over 15 years, my commitment remains helping you – or your child  – by using only the most effective assessment tools, as I specialize in providing user-friendly “x-ray” assessments.

Finding the right professional:  Use my 12 Questions to Ask a Counselor, Therapist, or mentor You are Considering Seeing as a guide to find your best fit.   

Our Distinctiveness: Unlike generic healthcare approaches, my focus is to ensure you understand your strengths and talents, so we use these to correct problems, so your strengths/talents are fortified during our work together. 

How I bring you the best service:  We are a low volume, high quality practice offering innovative and long-term cost-effective assessment and counseling approaches.  My unique level of expertise is exemplified by my ongoing research (see my list of publications) and my roles as an expert witness regarding courtroom questions.

Get to know me better: Visit me on LinkedIn, or by reading one of my over 250 “Good to Great” blogs.  My blog 10 Character Flaws that Derail Even Good People has been read by over 160,000 people.  See the unique training I have earned.

How we Expand you: You are likely looking for more – or something other than – a generic diagnosis.  I specialize in giving you a functional grasp of yourself, so you have a more custom tailored roadmap, versus narrow focus on diagnosis.  See my blog discussing a common misdiagnosis to understand my approach. 

Compassion and Technical Expertise:  I deliver compassionate, evidence based care. My personal involvement in behavioral science and personality assessment research helps me solve problems through awareness of critical aspects of your Personality, whether you are a child or adult.

Avoid the Fluff and Superficial: Psychology and counseling are full of “fluffy” personality tests, generic evaluation and what I call “drive by” assessments. 

Find a Team Player: You also deserve someone who will take advantage of the best information from surrounding people or professionals.  Too many healthcare professionals operate in silos, but I focus on weaving together multi-disciplinary insights.


Addressing the “Great Resignation”: Find a sustainably fulfilling educational or career path by taking advantage of my Precisely Engineered Career Guidance(TM) approach ensuring you find a meaningful Calling.  Sign up to be notified when my upcoming 2022 book Freedom to Be: Career Guidance finding the Real Me is published.  It is destined to become a Desk Reference for the field of Career Guidance.  See my college and career guidance blogs


Choose your practitioner carefully, only after doing significant research!    

Feel free to Google Dr. Brunner’s track record of research, teaching, publications, awards, reviews, blogs, podcast interviews and upcoming book