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Business Psychology

This area of our services addresses the full range of common business-related situations that demand the expertise of a business psychologist. Just as athletes are increasingly using sport psychologist to help them perform better, businesses and leading professionals are increasingly using business psychologist to increase their performance.

Examples of situations where psychologists bring in expert guidance:

  • “How do I improve my productivity or fulfillment in the workplace?”
  • “I keep being passed over for promotions, what can I do to improve my chances?”
  • “Our company continues to have high turnover rates. How can we hire people who will stay longer?”
  • “Our company needs to choose the right next leader. How can we thoroughly assess the candidates, and choose the best one?”
  • “My company has two highly valued employees who do not get along. As a leader in my company, what can I do to help them resolve their issues?”
  • “I am part of a company that is merging with another company. How can we take what is best about both of our company cultures, and merge our missions together ?”
  • “I struggle to help my employees perform better. What can I do?”
  • “How do we get our board of directors to improve how they function as a team?”

Below this menu of services you will find comments from past clients.

Menu of Consulting Services

Performance Enhancement Coaching

Factors assessed: identify key small changes a professional can make that will provide the most resounding improvements on their performance.    

Purposes: Identify how to use the towering strengths of the professional to help them address their growth challenges by identifying skill gaps they need to fill in using specific techniques and tactics

General Brief Business Consultation

Factors assessed: Obtain a visual analysis of how the critical “moving parts” of the situation you want to address, so you can map out a strategic way forward that saves you the most money.  

PurposesIdentify a reliable plan that accounts for the critical human factors. 

Pre-Employment screening

Factors assessed: identify personality factors of each considerable applicant to prevent bad hires or onboarding toxic personalities. 

PurposesMaximize the chances of good hires by choosing to hire candidates who will stream into the workflow of the current company, and who have the best chances of being a longer-term employee

Feedback from past Consulting clients