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Your Assessment Options 

We are a full-service neuropsychology, psychology and counseling practice. Our practice offers a specific menu of assessment and treatment options within each of our 5 areas of practice: Clinical, Gifted and Athletes, Forensic, Business consulting and Career guidance. Each of these five areas is also named on our website menu, and if you hover over them, you can click on “menu of services” to read about the services we offer in that specific area.

If you are not sure how psychological assessment can help you, scroll down to read about How assessment helps you.

Clinical Services

This area of our services addresses the full range of clinical problems (e.g., ADHD, autism, anxiety, trauma, depression) and educational problems (e.g., dyslexia, dyscalculia, dysgraphia, lack of motivation, homework struggles).

Example situations: “Do I have autism?”, “How can I manage my ADHD while minimizing use of medication?”,  “I am anxious and depressed, what do I do?”

See My full list of clinical, career guidance and forensic evaluation and treatment services 


Gifted and Athletes

This area of our services addresses the full range of gifted or athlete performance issues.

Example situations: 

  • “Is my child gifted?”
  • “How can I perform better in my sport?”
  • “How do I get over my performance anxiety?”


Our services in this area address the full range of situations where a forensic assessment, or the expert opinion of a forensic psychologist, is necessary.

Example situations:

  • “I have been injured in an accident and I need to know how it is affecting my functioning”
  • “Does my child or my adult son or daughter have disabilities qualifying them for government services?”
  • “How can I get an assessment so my child can be served through the Department of Developmental Disabilities (DDD)?”
  • “How can I figure out if my adult son or daughter fulfill the psychological criteria to receive Social Security Disability Income (SSDI)?”


This area of our services addresses the full range of common business-related situations that demand the expertise of a business psychologist. Just as athletes are increasingly using sport psychologists to help them perform better, businesses and leading professionals are now commonly using experienced business psychologists to increase their fulfillment and performance.

Example situations:

  • “I keep being passed over for promotions. What can I do to improve my chances?”
  • “Our company has high turnover. How can we hire long-term employees?
  • “We have two highly valued employees who do not get along. As the leader of my company, what can I do to help them resolve their issues?”
  • “How do we get our board of directors to improve how they function as a team”?

Career Guidance

This area of our services addresses the full range of career guidance issues, many of them critically relating to educational choices that need to be made. Because more and more companies are dropping their requirement of a college degree, we are on the cutting-edge of how you can use credentials or certifications to minimize or prevent tuition debt.

Example situations:

  • “Which college should my child go to, given their specific personality and interests?”
  • “What am I meant to do with my life?”
  • “Which passions of mine will end up being the most sustainable as a career?”
  • “What major should I choose in college that will lead me to an economically and emotionally fulfilling career?”
  • “I hate my work. How can I economically transition to a different type of work?”
  • “If I cannot afford college, what group of credentials or certifications will lead me to the most economically and emotionally fulfilling career?”