Face to Face or Remote Nationwide Availability

Nationwide Telehealth

Live Outside Tucson?

If you live outside of Tucson, we can easily serve you remotely, or you can schedule for us to efficiently complete an assessment using a block of days that you travel here for. Many clients come to us from out of town, from areas including New Mexico.

Live Outside Arizona?

Because Dr. Brunner earned the PSYPACT nationally portable psychologist licensure, he is able to provide services to people living in over 35 states.  If you live in any of the above dark blue states on the above map, Dr. Brunner can serve you in the comfort of your home or office surroundings.

Live outside of the US? 

If you live outside of the US, we can easily serve you remotely.  We do alot of international work, especially in the area of career guidance.  

He is able to serve you with any of the following five branches of services which he has become a specialist with over the last 20 years of practice: