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Precisely Engineered Career Guidance (PECG)™

Precisely Engineered Career Guidance, also known as PECG, is an innovative professional career counseling service providing advice concerning education options to pursue career opportunities. Precisely Engineered Career Guidance was created and developed by personality expert, Dr. Thomas (Tom) Brunner. Dr. Brunner has spent 15 years scientifically developing a career guidance service that blows away current current guidance methodologies. He did this by weaving together the best social science with his “in-the-trenches” mentorship of over a 1,000 people, from all walks of life. Through Dr. Brunner & Associates, a Tucson, AZ, USA-based company, we offer this one-of-a-kind and proprietary service to the public.

Future of PECG?  Dr. Brunner is currently working on a series of books that will reveal the advanced characteristics of his Precisely Engineered Career Guidance approach. We are committed to stamping out Superficial Career Assessment Methodologies (SCAMs). If you want to receive an advanced copy of the book, please email us at drb@doctorbrunner.com

How do we serve you? If you cannot come to our professional office, we can easily serve you in your home via a streamlined online platform, even if you do not live in Tucson, AZ, USA.  We regularly provide this specific service to clients around the globe. 

How to sign up: To sign up for this service, please complete this triage form and we will contact you within 24 hours.  We always first have a phone call to go over the details of our service, and then we schedule your first appointment.   

Location:  Click here to see our exact physical location 

Payment information:  We customize the charge for this service, after we gather initial intake information.  We focus on handcrafting our approach, so you have a custom-tailored experience from start to finish. This is a non-healthcare insurance related service, so insurance cannot be used. You can find a full explanation of payment options here. We work with high school-aged children and up.   

PECG system characteristics: PECG is a totally unique, process-based service, which prides itself on being the most rigorous, multi-staged system available for helping anyone 13 years of age and up find the most sustainable work and/or career for them. Our process is perfect for high schoolers who need to develop a clear educational roadmap so they can become financially independent. 

Four-Staged Career Guidance Process:

Stage 1: A process wherein we gather in-depth personal information, as well as providing expert assessment of key factors including personality, values, passions, and natural aptitudes. Our clients regularly tell us that compared to online career inventories, our approach was far more comprehensive, and identified talents no other method revealed.  

Stage 2: We use the Stage 1 information to identify a small list of possible occupations, while using a scientifically-based vocational measure. In this Stage, we clearly define your “Sweet Spot”. The Sweet Spot is a psychologically powerful area where the exact activity combinations that you could do across your lifespan are clear.  When people work in their Sweet Spot, they experience Flow or “being in the zone” – similar to an athlete. 

Stage 3: We translate this Stage 2 information to help you go through a rigorous test-drive process, so you have an intimate feel for each possible occupation. 

Stage 4: We make sure you are aware of not only your talents, but also the skill gaps you have, so before you start Day 1 of your job, training, or coursework, you know how to most strategically fill in your skill gaps by using your towering talents.