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Traditional (shallow) vs my fresh approach to career guidance

Many people think that the best career guidance you can get his take a few personality tests and then receive a list of a large number of jobs you are then supposed to go and research and choose a career from. This type of shallow career guidance is still being conducted and believed by many to be the best that can be done.

In stark contrast, after Over 20 years of working with over a thousand people from all walks of life, I developed a career guidance method called Precisely Engineered Career Guidance (PECG). In the near future I’m publishing a book about this method which is his 10 step process.

My 10 step process goes as deep as you are. It does this by utilizing the most piercing psychological techniques, and combines those techniques with effective tactics used to identify the biases you have which can lead you to choose the wrong career. The PECG process also has a system of checks and balances involving rigorous integrity checking all along the way, so that by the time you’ve gone to the 10 step process, you have a reliable roadmap to a career you’ll find to be fun, fulfilling and economically sustainable.

What people often tell me after that gone through my process is they see themselves in a completely different light. The best career guidance reveals things about yourself you never knew, but which are vital to understanding. If you want to choose a career path you will be sustainably fulfilled with, you need to choose a type of work that you will find fulfilling throughout approximately 100,000 hours of your life. This is how much time is put in to the typical career. In fact, people are now not retiring until they are in their 60s or 70s, and so work life has now expanded to be much longer than it used to be.

Also, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is radically changing how many professional fields operate. Thus there is a need for you to understand the specific toolbox you need to bring to the workplace, and the PEC process helps you understand and develop that toolbox of skills so you can stand out from other applicants. In fact, the PECG process also includes helping you identify the growth challenges you have that are currently limiting you from becoming an even more effective and visionary professional.

Too many people are enslaved by unnecessary tuition debt which affects them even across decades. My process is designed to prevent or minimize the amount of tuition debt you have, by ensuring that the pathway to your career involves the most economical type of training. Because so many companies are dropping their requirement for a college degree, my method focuses on helping you find credentials or certifications that can replace much more expensive college courses but also allow you to still make as much money. Because certifications and credentials are often created by private industry, they offer a more practical Way to start a career because they allow you to be immediately employable after completion.

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