Face to Face or Remote Nationwide Availability

Service Philosophy

As a flexible consultant with a spacious toolbox of advanced behavioral science tools, I offer a full spectrum of services. These range from very brief consultations to comprehensive assessments. Our work together may involve only one conversation, or an ongoing relationship. Our work may include the use of behavioral science tools or only draw from my skills as a seasoned and skilled interviewer who can through a question-and-answer meeting help someone identify their best next set of steps. Our relationship is “scalable” and can grow or decrease at any time.

My consulting approach is distinguishable in the following ways:

  • Use of advanced behavioral science tools to more precisely pinpoint answers to even complex questions in a timely manner
  • Use of assessment because it is rooted in science, rather than powerful persuasion by a salesperson or marketing campaign. My solutions are sustainable because I specialize in pinpointing the behavioral/emotional/learning or personality factors that help clients continue to problem solve throughout their lifetimes.
  • Due my to deeply scientific training, I choose from a toolbox of methods allowing me to thoughtfully conduct cost-benefit analyses of competing approaches, rather than over using one method, contrasting practitioners who do not have a scientific perspective.