Payment Options

Does Dr. Brunner “contract” with insurance companies? No. Clients are expected to pay his full out of pocket rate at each time of service, unless alternative arrangements have been made. In other words, we do NOT accept copays.

Does Dr. Brunner submit bills to my insurance company for me? No.

Why can’t Dr. Brunner submit his bill to my insurance company?  In order to maintain the high quality you want, I have been unable to contract with insurance companies because they try to dictate what needs to be done, which in turn gives you low quality standard of care.  Rather, I mold my work around your EXACT needs. 

What are my payment options?  Cash, Check, Health Savings Account (HSA) or Flexible Spending Account (FSA), or credit card payments using Square Up.  If you want to use Square Up, we pass Square Up’s 3.7% processing charge on to the client, because we are an extremely low volume practice. 

Can I get a quote for how much the work would cost?  Yes.  For more complex situations, Dr. Brunner can either do a very brief phone call with you or he can do a 1-hour billable consultation meeting, where you can see if he is the best fit for your situation.

Does Dr. Brunner take AHCCCS or Tricare?  No.  However, we have many military families work with us.

Can I use my HSA/FSA account?  Yes!!  If you are going to use your HSA/FSA account, then you will want to contact your HSA or FSA to see if they offer checks to avoid processing fees. 

Can Dr. Brunner’s office help us try to get some degree of reimbursement?  Yes!!  Our office provides an insurance FRIENDLY Superbill that can be submitted to your insurance company for reimbursement.   You work with them on reimbursement.  We do not get involved beyond giving you the easily submit-able bill.   For example, we are not setup to correspond with the insurance company.

How can you find out how much your insurance company will reimburse you?  Call your insurance company, and if necessary, you can ask to speak to the regional representative for the area you live in.  You can ask the insurance company to clarify how much they will reimburse you for each appointment you have with Dr. Brunner.  The professional activity code Dr. Brunner would use for the first (intake) meeting is typically 90791 and for the regular therapy meetings is 90837.  If you are seeking assessment, the code is  96101.   These codes may change over time, so reconfirm this with our office. 

Once you give them those codes, they will typically say “we will pay 50% of the ‘usual and allowable amount’”.  You will need to ask them what the usual and allowable amount is, because it is often less than what Dr. Brunner’s charge is.  To be crystal clear, you could clarify the hourly rate Dr. Brunner charges and then ask the insurance company how much they would reimburse you for each appointment.  Call our office for his hourly fee.

If you are “shopping around”….

If you think you can only use a doctor who takes your insurance… What superficially appears to be the cheapest option is not necessarily the most cost-effective option long-term.

How to make the most long-term, cost-effective decision:  Interview people you are considering, using my blog entitled: 12 questions to ask a Counselor, Therapist, or mentor you are considering seeing

What added value does Dr. Brunner bring to the table?  As a very low volume, high quality practice, I am committed to being the most long term, cost effective option.  My track record of precision-based efficiency makes me a reliably economical solution. 

How does Dr. Brunner handle complex situations? If the situation is VERY complicated, Dr. Brunner will WALK you through EXACTLY what he thinks MUST be done to give you the SOLUTION you WANT.   Dr. Brunner is committed to giving you a RELIABLE assessment that shows he took time to truly see the problems from the inside out. 

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