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We’re committed to transparency regarding our process to provide both a diagnosis and a pathway to successful treatment. When looking for specialized help, it’s difficult to know if you’re comparing apples to apples. The sections below will help you explore what we do, how we price, and how our process works.

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“The bitterness of poor quality lingers long after the sweetness of low price”

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Dr. Brunner itemize his bills to maximize transparency? Yes! We are committed to full transparency. We can also adjust bills if an insurance company has a special request to maximize the chances you can get reimbused.

Does Dr. Brunner “contract” with insurance companies? No. Because we are such a small office, we are unable to have someone to deal with insurance as their only job, which is what accepting insurance requires. Clients are expected to pay Dr. Brunner’s out-of-pocket rate (which is the going rate of someone of his education and experience) at each time of service, unless alternative arrangements have been made. We do NOT accept copays.

Is it common for psychologists to not be able to bill my insurance company? Yes! Unlike physicians who can see up to 50 people a day, psychologists can typically see about 8 if they are doing treatment. Thus, the practice model of these two professional worlds is very different. It is VERY common for psychologists, once they are experienced and have a proven track record (see Dr. Brunner’s here) to stop taking insurance. This is because insurance companies tend to exhaust professionals with paperwork requirements and dictations of care, taking the away from quality time with clients. In fact, insurance companies do not even pay a living wage to psychological doctors who have often trained for 5 or more years. Psychologists spend far more time than other professionals with their clients, because of the complexity involved in assessment.

Why can’t Dr. Brunner submit his bill to my insurance company?  In order to maintain the high-quality you deserve, Dr. Brunner has been unable to contract with insurance companies because they try dictate to practitioners what needs to be done without any expertise going into the decision. This, in turn, gives you low-quality standard of care. Rather, Dr. Brunner molds his work around your EXACT needs, based on his experience an expertise.

How can I find out how much my insurance company will reimburse me? Call your insurance company, and if necessary, you can ask to speak to the regional representative for the area you live in.  You can ask the insurance company to clarify how much they will reimburse you for each appointment you have with Dr. Brunner. The professional activity code Dr. Brunner would use for the first (intake) meeting is typically 90791 and for the regular therapy meetings is 90837.  If you are seeking assessment, the code is  96101.   These codes may change over time, so reconfirm this with our office. We have over 15 years experience helping people receive reimbursement successfully!

Once you give them those codes, they will typically say “we will pay 50% of the ‘usual and allowable amount’”.  You will need to ask them what the usual and allowable amount is, because it is often less than what Dr. Brunner’s charge is.  To be crystal clear, you could clarify the hourly rate Dr. Brunner charges and then ask the insurance company how much they would reimburse you for each appointment.  Call our office for his hourly fee.

Does Dr. Brunner take AHCCCS or Tricare?  No. However, we have had many military families work with us over the last 15 years.

Can Dr. Brunner’s office provide the materials that insurance companies need to reimburse me? Yes! Our office can provide an insurance-friendly “superbill” that can be submitted to your insurance company for possible reimbursement, and a letter containing any applicable diagnostic codes. This can only be completed when the assessment is finished, after the final bill has been paid. Please note, we will provide the materials needed, but you must correspond with your insurance.

Can I use my HSA/FSA account? Yes! If you are going to use your HSA/FSA account, we recommend contacting your HSA or FSA provider to see if they offer checks to avoid credit card processing fees. 

What are my payment options? We accept cash, check, Health Savings Account (HSA) or Flexible Spending Account (FSA), or credit card payments.

Can I get a quote for how much the work would cost?  Yes, just ask us for an estimate! For more complex situations, Dr. Brunner can either do a very brief phone call with you, or he can do a 1-hour billable consultation meeting, where you can see if he is the best fit for your needs.

See my full list of clinical, career guidance and forensic evaluation and treatment services