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College has become prohibitively expensive, as tuition costs have skyrocketed!  Meanwhile, one of the leading causes of mental health issues among students is feeling like they do not have a clear path and/or ultimate career goal. College guidance counselors have caseloads of 300 to 500 students. These college counselors are focused on helping each student successfully register for classes in order to fulfill academic requirements to graduate. College counselors do not have the time to focus on any kind of in-depth college or career guidance. 

To serve this rapidly growing population of unhappy and/or confused college students, who often lack passion for what they are studying, I have developed a 10-step process called Precisely Engineered Career Guidance (PECG). This is a process I have trademarked and am publishing a book about in the near future. Sign up to receive notification of when my book is published.  

Through over a decade of working with high school and college students, I have found very few students use a thoughtful, methodical, and rigorous process to define their educational and/or career pathway. Meanwhile, my PECG process is designed with a system of checks and balances to ensure the guidance each student receives is reliable and accurate.

In-depth college guidance is the single most reliable way to minimize tuition costs and avoid enslaving student debt!

Even if you know you want to be an engineer or physician, fields like that now have over 50 subfields. In-depth college guidance is able to help you identify and rank the subfields that most match up with who you truly are. That way, you will avoid taking unnecessary classes or attending the wrong graduate school, where the subfields you’re interested in may not be strongly represented, or represented at all!

Too many people are enslaved by unnecessary tuition debt, which affects them across decades.

My process is designed to prevent or minimize the amount of tuition debt you have, by ensuring that the pathway to your career involves the most economical type of training. Many companies are dropping their requirement for a college degree, so my method focuses on helping you find credentials or certifications that can replace much more expensive college courses, but still allow you to still make as much money. Certifications and credentials are often created by private industries, so often they offer a more practical way to start a career, as you will be immediately employable after completion.

Without guidance that is based on in-depth information to help each student find their unique personality fingerprint, they tend to change majors numerous times. Statistics indicate students often change their majors an average of 5-6 times. Studies evaluating the cost of changing your major, even once, have revealed that the price can be upwards of $20,000! This is why career guidance has become so invaluable – and I am here to help. 

After working with hundreds of high school and college students, many of them from University of Arizona, as well as universities around the United States, I have written over 30 blogs related to college or career guidance to help students and/or parents find the most economical way for the student to find a fun, fulfilling, and economically sustainable career.

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