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Back By Popular Demand: How to make Summer memories with your kids they will never forget

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As summer approaches, keep this in mind! No matter how hard you work professionally, what your kids care about most is the time you invest in building a relationship with them.  Too many parents get caught up in their careers, their advancement, their “busyness” – which in the end really doesn’t matter when they are in their rocking chair. Taking that day off to see a ballgame with your kid would never have affected your career.  But many parents just never take that day off.   That pattern of decision making is what differentiates the great parents from the mediocre ones.

There is no need to spend a lot of money, because luckily, the amount of magic an experience has is not directly correlated to the price tag.  Your kids will not remember how expensive a vacation was, but how many great memories they have from it.  In fact, make a point of coming up with novel ideas, go off the beaten track.  Brainstorm with your child and talk about a wide variety of passions they currently have.  Then, talk about things you might do with them where you share their passion and you show your willingness to dial into who they really are.  This isn’t just quality time, this is “let’s chase down the dream” time.    Find something that when you come upon that idea, their eyes widen and sparkle.

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