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Back By Popular Demand: Why you should NOT go into summer thinking your child has nothing to work on

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This month we are re-releasing a handful of our most popular blogs.

It is the time of year when we, as parents, are deciding what we want to have our children do to occupy their free time this summer.  To make decisions about this, we reflect on what teachers have been telling us all year about how our children have been performing in school.

Some of the key reasons parents give their online pharmacy child “the summer off” is they naively overvalue the role of grades in judging how their child is truly performing in school or in their life in general.  If their child is getting all A’s, or all A’s and B’s, they think “all is good.”

While grades may reflect how well your child is mastering a certain subject area, they rarely help you grasp how well your child is reaching their potential.

Tips on how to fill in your child’s skill gaps can be found at this link:


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