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The most credible treatment resources/information for Asperger’s / Autism

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What are the most credible treatment resources/information to help your socially awkward child who has Asperger’s/Autism?

Who should you send this blog to: anyone who has a young child or adult child with autism or anyone conducting scientific research on autism

There is an epidemic rise in the prevalence of autism around the world.  It is not clear why the prevalence has increased so dramatically, but there are several hypotheses being circulated in the scientific community.

Meanwhile, the question for parents who have young or adult children with autism is, what can we do?  What can you do if your child has autism?

Here are some credible resources you or a parent you know will benefit from utilizing:

–What is a scientifically solid and yet practical guide for parents who have children with autism who wish to understand more about the nature and dynamics of this condition?

One of the best books that I have seen published by one of the world’s foremost authorities Dr. Simon Baron Cohen at Cambridge University (England):


–What is the best website resource that can help you understand the nature and dynamics of autism, as well as what are the most innovative ways autism is being assessed and treated?


— What are examples of practical and useful treatment models for improving the social skills of those with autism or social awkward conditions?


What is one of the most exciting innovations that has occurred in autism treatment recently?

DVD-ROMs for children and adults with autism spectrum conditions are being used as teaching tools to help them learn about emotions. The DVD-ROMs have a comprehensive set of emotional expressions in the face and the voice, as produced by actors, and use computer-game formats to help the user learn this information that they usually find difficult.

The DVD-ROMs have been produced by Red Green & Blue Company (Multimedia Production) in London, and are marketed on a not-for-profit basis by Jessica Kingsley Ltd. The usefulness of the DVD-ROM is currently being evaluated in a treatment trial among adults and children with Asperger Syndrome, compared to controls.

See more details here: http://www.autismresearchcentre.com/project_11_mindread

What are some of the most exciting new assessment tools that have been produced that assessed the nuances of autism?


–What are examples of credible local resources here in Tucson, Arizona that serve the autism population in credible methods? 

True Potential  – http://www.truetherapydata.com/index.html

This organization is led by Daniel Quinones, a certified behavior analyst, and they offer a broad array of services.  My experience of working with Daniel is very positive, and he appears to be up to date on the scientific literature regarding what kinds of interventions truly work.

Tucson Autism Alliance – http://www.tucsonallianceforautism.com/

This organization has social skill groups, and social skills groups are what the research says are one of the most important components of treatment for those with autism.  In other words, those with autism benefit from groups where they practice correcting inappropriate social behaviors and enhancing their ability to accurately read the social environment.


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