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Are you hitting a wall on helping your child learn? Check out an online resource, Khan Academy

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It’s the end of the year and all of us parents are crispy and exhausted; we are just trying to hang on and make it through this Final Push.  Whether you’re a fifth-grader or a PhD graduate student, this is the EXAM TIME baby!!!!  The heat gets turned up and the pressure is on.

Unfortunately, if you or your child is having trouble learning, it may take thinking about things from a completely different viewpoint to break through your learning block.

One of the very best online learning resources is known as Khan Academy 

I have blogged about this previously here .

Khan Academy represents the future of how education can take place online in a cutting-edge and compelling manner. 

Funded by world shattering organizations such as Google, Khan Academy is rocking the education world!

If you’re pounding your head against the desk, check out Khan.  They will not let you down!

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