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Anger Keynote Address in Salt Lake City, Utah

Dr. Brunner will be presenting the keynote address, “Advanced Assessment of the Pulse of Youth Anger: A Core Symptom and Vital Sign of Our Times,” as well as a workshop on October 3rd and 4th in Salt Lake City.

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Meet Doctor Brunner

Dr. Thomas (Tom) Brunner is a Tucson based psychologist and published expert who has a 20 year track record of clinical excellence, scientific research, teaching, publications, awards and podcast interviews.  He is the senior author of a psychological measure adapted into 14 languages worldwide, and has written over 250 blogs, many of them have gone viral.  He is revolutionizing the field of career guidance with his fresh and trademarked approach that is spreading like wildfire. Sign up here to be notified of soon to be published book, Find Your Real Me: Career Guidance Making You Truly Free.