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Mating in Captivity: A Must Read book assessing the challenges of Modern Love that no one wants to talk about, but everyone NEEDS to

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Psychotherapist and internationally acclaimed Modern Love expert, Esther Perel, has written one of the most penetrating analyses of the real-world challenges of sustaining a long-term relationship in a culture focused on facilitating cheating and glorifying divorce.

Her TED talks have been watched by hundreds of thousands. 

Perel unveils gritty and taboo aspects of relationships that no one wants to talk about, but everybody needs to talk about with their partner.  It is as if there is finally a book that feels like it reads the minds of so many people in terms of the real challenges they feel, especially in terms of how to keep the flame alive, while remaining monogamous.

What a breath of fresh air! 

This is a great book for those in a wide variety of kinds of relationships, including those who are only dating all the way to those who have been married for decades. 

I certainly do not agree with every single point Perel makes, and her values at times can seem out of touch with more conservative kinds of values.  But she never tells people what they should do but rather does a fabulous job of giving you a blueprint for predominating tendencies infusing the Sexual Psyche. Eminently down-to-earth, she explains what each person in a couple needs to do in order to Keep the Flame Alive.  Refreshingly practical, this is the book you give to anyone who wishes to have a deeper emotional relationship, where the people are willing to discuss topics that might feel taboo but once discussed can release tremendous creativity and create a much deeper level of Connectivity.  Perel’s recognition of the need to tap into “erotic intelligence” is paramount and eloquently explained as at the core of healthy sustainable relationships.

See my other blog on Esther Perel.

Remember a small amount of money spent on couples’ therapy can save you tens of thousands of dollars on attorney related divorce and custody battle fees.




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