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Press Release regarding Translating Psychological Research into Practice book

Dr. Brunner wanted to pass along news regarding the book within which he authored a chapter about the Nature and Assessment of Anger, one of his areas of expertise.

Here is a note from one of the book’s editor’s, a colleague of Dr. Brunner’s, Dr. Steven Walfish:

“I wanted to let you know about a book that might be of interest to you and your colleagues.

Springer has now published my co-edited (with Lisa Grossman) book, Translating Psychological Research into Practice. A flyer for the book along with a 20% discount code (along with free shipping) is attached to this email.

It is an edited book (609 pages) with chapters focused on 65 different clinical problem areas. The first part of each chapter is written by an academic summarizing the evidence-based research in the area. The second part of the chapter is written by a clinician who discusses what it is like to apply evidence-based research in their work, including the presentation of a case example.

The research section focuses on the definition and epidemiology of the clinical problem, a summary of the evidence-based research, cultural diversity issues, and recommendations for future research.  The clinical application focuses on a reaction to the research section, the presentation of a clinical case applying evidence-based research, cultural diversity issues, and recommendations for future research needed to improve clinical practice. Both the researchers and the clinicians present Key References for the reader.to explore the clinical area further.

The academic authors include: Philip Kendall, Kevin Antshel, Thomas Brunner, Russell Barkley, Mary Fristad, Howard Liddle, Steven Pfeiffer, Eric Storch, Chris Kearney, Deborah Beidel, Michael Himle, Russ Ramsey, Howard Kassinove,Robert Neimeyer, J. Kevin Thompson, Larry Riso, Bethany Brand, Michelle Newman, Leon Castonguay, Forrest Scogin, Gail Steketee, Edna Foa, David Zuroff, Jesse Cougle, Page Anderson, Kelly Rohan, Richard Heimberg. Lisa Lilenfeld, Leonard Jason, Dennis Turk, Michael O’Hara, Tom Brandon, John Finney, Rudolf Moos, Robert Woolfolk,
Sheila Garos, Donald Baucom, Douglas Snyder, Chris Eckhardt, and Patricia Resick.

The Foreword is written by David Barlow and the book has been endorsed by APA President Nadine Kaslow and Editor of Clinical Psychology: Science and Practice, J. Gayle Beck.

The tab for the full Table of Contents may be found at: http://www.springerpub.com/product/9780826109422#.Up_iSeKYy8A

If you know of anyone who might find the book to be of interest I would appreciate it if you would forward this email (along with the discount flyer) to them. Thank you and if you get a chance to check the book out we would welcome any reactions or feedback that you might have as it relates to integrating science and practice. Thanks, Steve”

Steven Walfish, Ph.D.

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