Jan | 2010



Publication of Book Chapter edited by UA Expert Dr. Nancy Mather

Dr. Brunner published a book chapter where he discussed the process he used to assess a real world case involving anger, ADHD, anxiety, and depression. He highlighted the importance of using a assesment approach that goes beyond the medical model, and precisely articulates the nuances of complex emotional phenomena such as anger and depression. Please note the following reference which is also listed in his resume at the end of the “Dr. Brunner” section of this website menu:

Brunner, T.M. (2010). Comprehensive assessment of an attention-based learning problem: Capturing the relevance of “psychological vital signs.” In Mather, N., & Jaffe, L. E. (Eds.), Comprehensive
Evaluations: Case Reports for Psychologists, Diagnosticians, and Special Educators. NY: John Wiley
& Sons.

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