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Spring 2012 Good to Great Newsletter

Dear Valued Client,

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My new website (same address) also contains blogs I write to give away practical insights affecting your daily life. Recent blogs include:

-“10 Character Flaws That Can Derail Even Good People”
-“Help Your Child be a Moral Leader”
-“Teach your child to be competitive to ready them for the arena of life

My revamped website – www.doctorbrunner.com – now includes….
— A “News” section describing recent presentations/interviews at University Medical Center (Tucson, AZ), the University of Arizona, and a recent Salt Lake City keynote presentation.

— An updated section entitled “Cutting Edge Research” discussing the use of the psychological tool I published now being used around the world.

— In the “Dr. Brunner” section of my site, a section called “Why a psychologist?” finally puts together years of thinking I have done on what do psychologists bring to the table that others don’t.

— In my website section called “Good People Becoming Great”, I talk about my work with helping well-functioning clients discover their potential, drawing from my counseling work with athletes and others.

Good to Great tips for parents:

— Read “Ages & Stages” by Charles Schaefer (PhD) and Theresa Foy Di Geronimo. This is an excellent resource to give you tips and techniques for building your child’s social, emotional, interpersonal, and cognitive skills. For parents of children just born all the way through age ten. What I really like about this credible book is it talks about what healthy and normal development looks like. This would be an excellent baby shower gift or a gift for parents who are innovative and proactive and want the very best health for their children.

— A second favorite parenting reference of mine is called “Touchpoints” by T. Berry Brazelton, MD. This is also a great resource written more from the medical end, regarding how one can handle common pediatric problems with sensitivity. This would be a great gift for a mother-to-be! A great complement to the Ages and Stages book.

Good to Great tips for adults:
-What psychological stages do normal, healthy adults move through as they age? One of my favorite books addressing this issue is called Season’s of a Man’s Life, and the complementary Season’s of a Woman’s Life. People think childhood has stages, but they forget some of the most dramatic changes occur as we age through adulthood. Adulthood is often a time of deep existentialism. These books help even young adults gain a sense of perspective that can help through the darker times involved with such things as unhappy career choices, loneliness, and a lack of joy. A great read for younger folks who are trying to navigate career fogginess or mid-life adults who are feeling their age and wonder “what next?”

-For those who want to understand what it feels like for humans to experience their potential, as captured by a scientist, read Flow : The Psychology of Optimal Experience, by Mihalyi Csikszentmihalyi, PhD. A classsic in the area of Performance Psychology.

You may not know this about Dr. Brunner…Dr. Brunner is a behavioral scientist who helps people internalize skill sets to overcome challenges and expand their potential. He is a counselor who uses his advanced psychological training to treat people, consult with organizations, and publish scientific information to advance his field. He is considered an expert in the areas of assessment, child/adolescent psychology, and evidence-based treatment. Dr. Brunner recently began a non-profit foundation called the Center for Character Strength Investment. For more information, go to joincsi.com.

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