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Article worth your time to read: “How Social Medial is disrupting the lives of American Girls”

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Go to this link for the article: http://time.com/americangirls/?xid=emailshare

An incisive article that penetrates the parent bubble that all of us parents live within and calls things how they really are for adolescents growing up in a dangerously sexualized world. This article is consistent with previous blogs I’ve written about what girls going into pornography can teach you about your own parenting.  See below.

I recommend you read this article and then consider having your adolescent child read this article. I suggest discussing the issues with your daughter. You may find that you will learn things you’ve never known, which will teach you a lesson: the trick to be successful at adolescent parenting is to listen to your adolescent talk about how they perceive the world they are growing up in.


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