Cogmed is the most powerful non-medication based treatment for focusing or working memory problems in my opinion. Some studies have shown its effects rival the effects of medication, and yet its effects do not depend on taking a pill. Over 30,000 people worldwide have used Cogmed, and it is available in 32 countries and 10 different languages.

Cogmed can also be used alongside medication and if a treatment data suggest medication is helpful, Cogmed can be used as a complementary intervention.

As a “Doubting Thomas”, i.e., a research scientist who favors methods that have real world credibility, I tend to remain suspicious of treatments until I see compelling research and impressive improvements in clients that justify the cost of that treatment.

Top reasons why I continue using Cogmed:

-No other non-medication based approach has a comparable amount of scientific research
-Evidence supporting Cogmed includes strongest research methodology – double blind placebo-controlled studies that the FDA uses
-Evidence supporting Cogmed exists at three levels: brain imaging, neuropsychological, and behavioral
-Targets the root of the problem in the brain by enhancing impaired neurological pathways
-In doing so, builds transportable cognitive skills vs. dependence on medication
-Vast majority of research is NOT funded by Cogmed
-Unparalleled scientific interest (in working memory area): Over 120 studies, 40 published, 80 ongoing (as of 2014)
-Leverages neuroplasticity in novel way: graded algorithm for systematically intense workouts
-Minimizes subjectivity with data analytic dashboard always viewable by anyone
-Lasting effects far beyond treatment regimen (3, 6, 9 & 12 months after often durable improvements)

What Is Cogmed?

It is a Working canadian pharmacy Memory Training Program that is an evidence-based computer training program that was designed by leading neuroscientists specifically to improve attention through effectively increasing working memory over several weeks. Research has shown in practical experience of Cogmed practices, 80% of users see measurable improvements. While this number can’t be a guarantee, it shows the huge potential for improvement. Research and clinical experience is indicating that the effects of Cogmed training last after training because once working memory capacity increases, you naturally continue to use it at its new level.

With any program that is individualized, each child’s unique attributes, talents and challenges will play a critical role in the success and results of the program. This highlights the importance of working with qualified and highly trained behavior experts and psychologists to maximize results.

Learn More

Click Here to read “Science” article indicating Cogmed is most well researched cognitive rehabilitation technique

Click here to go to the latest research summary provided by Cogmed but which is composed using peer-reviewed journal research.

Cogmed was developed by neuroscientists and based on breakthrough concepts that the working memory can be greatly improved through intensive, focused and systematic training. Methods are proven through measurable results and rigorous research. Double-blind placebo controlled designs, considered the golden standard of clinical research, through numberous studies have shown Cogmed an effective tool. Several of the studies have been published in leading, peer-reviewed scientific journals. No other brain training method can show the same level of research validation.