Face to Face or Remote Nationwide Availability

Not Sure What to Do?

If you are overwhelmed or unsure if a psychologist is who you need, Dr. Brunner will talk with you before you schedule an appointment to make sure he is the right person for you. We never rush to schedule people, as our goal is not to fill our schedule, but to focus on people one-at-a-time.

Sometimes, the client and myself agree we should meet for a consultation meeting so I can listen to their basic situation and guide them from there. My goal is to get you to the practitioner that will help you the most, and that may not be me. After 20 years of practice, I have learned the ins-and-outs of the health care system, and have a network of professionals who I can refer you to if I am not the best person for you.

It is common for people to have already sought counseling or assessment before they come to me. But, because they’ve experienced a shallow, “drive-by” style of assessment or therapy previously, the client wonders if all behavioral health (psychiatry, counseling, psychology, etc) is superficial. I understand this because I find much of behavioral health assessment is shallow.

At these “drive-by” appointments, diagnoses are given only after a brief meeting. In these cases, it is not uncommon for the diagnosis given to be a misdiagnosis. Too much of healthcare feels like you are on a conveyor belt, or just another number with limited time to have your questions answered. I became an independent practitioner who foresaw the need for a customized, slower, and more careful approach to assessment. My focus is not high volume, but high quality.

In my field, effective treatment depends on in-depth assessment, and must go beyond generic diagnosis. The best assessment operates like a deep and strong rudder on a boat. If that rudder is not deep and strong enough, then it will not provide a reliable way for you to navigate any future stress-inducing situations. 

Common consultation requests include as follows:

  • How can I feel happier?
  • How do I better control my anger?
  • My family situation is too stressful, what can I do?
  • How do I parent my child with ADHD, Autism, or anxiety?
  • I am miserable with my career. What can I do?