Consultation Examples

Parent consultation

Parents consult me for a wide variety of reasons, including the following: Is my child doing something I need to be concerned about? Does my child have ADHD/Autism/depression? What kind of school might be the best fit for my child? My child has special needs, how can I get the school to help her?

These consults may involve highly nuanced questions that only true child specialists can address, such as: Does this child have Autism or Asperger’s Syndrome? To what degree has the abuse this child endured affected them? Is this child emotionally or intellectually delayed? Why is this child having toileting issues? What can I do as a parent to minimize any negative affects of their problems/diagnostic conditions may have on their day-to-day and functioning? Is the school’s assessment of their problem accurate? What skill sets does my child need to learn so they perform at their best? Are there any non-medication approaches we can use to help my child get better?

School consultation

Schools contact me to have me provide a “second opinion”, especially on more complex or sensitive situations where there might be disagreement or confusion. Since one of my chief specialties is working with children and adolescents, I can bring unique expertise to bear upon the questions at hand. Questions might include the following: Does this student really have ADHD? Is this child at risk of hurting another student? Is this child gifted? What are ways we might accommodate for this child’s special needs?

Pediatric/Medical consultation

Medical professionals contact me to help them determine to what degree a child might have psychological issues or to what degree emotional/behavioral factors might be contributing to a medical problem. Questions might include: Might this person’s shortness of breath by rooted in anxiety? How do we help this child feel better about having Type II Diabetes? How can we help this child do a better job of regulating their eating because they have Type II Diabetes? How do we talk to this child about the fact that they have brain cancer?

Forensic/Attorney consultation

Courts systems, judges, or private attorneys often ask me to complete an evaluation on someone because there is a question about to what degree emotional/behavioral/learning issues may bear upon a legal matter. Questions might include the following: Does this child have any psychological problems, because the parents cannot agree on this matter? Has this child been abused? What is this youth’s level of intelligence or emotional intelligence? Does this child have Asperger’s Syndrome or Autism? Does this person have a psychological disability?

Fitness for Duty Consultations

Several State of Arizona professional organizations as well as local private corporations ask me to evaluate someone applying to a position (e.g., Border Patrol), or ask me to assess for the psychological significance of misbehavior a member of their professional community has exhibited. Questions include: Can this person function safely as a border patrol agent? Can this person work at our facility safely?

Private Corporations

Private companies often wish to have higher level employees assessed in a highly confidential manner. If one of their leaders has exhibited problematic tendencies, then they may also wish to have them counseled confidentially to rectify the problem quickly.