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Expect Less and Give More: 8 tips to growing stronger during the COVID-19 pandemic

The history of the human race is laced with crises of epic proportions.  How you respond to crises reveals much more about who you really are, deep down, than how you behave during smooth sailing.   We each have a character-defining choice we MUST make during this viral pandemic:  do we expand, grow, and reach a higher level of functioning, or do we become more primitive and shrink inward, becoming more paranoid, angry, or selfish. 

Whether you are all alone or huddled up with others, the question remains how do you leverage this crisis to get closer to your True Potential

Handling crises with grace brings incredible growth.

Here are 8 tips to growing even stronger during this COVID-19 pandemic.

1. If there are shortages of things you want more of, recognize that as you adapt to this crisis with grace and acceptance you are maturing.  Focus on looking at how many people have less than you do and give genuine thanks for what you do have.

2. Contrary to the predominating materialistic attitude, make your daily mantra “Expect Less, Give More”.  Your anxiety wants you to get grabby, whereas your better self quietly requests you expand into a more Community-based awareness. 

3.  While looking at news stories keeps you informed, realize it is AS IMPORTANT to reach out to people who are more vulnerable than you are and help them sustain resilience. Reach out instead of closing up.  We all know someone who is sick, or elderly, or highly anxious.  Help them help themselves.  Choose someone to Mentor through this.   

4.  If you worry about what the next day will bring, realize that for a large part of human history, living in the moment was not a T-shirt slogan, but the only way to live as there was no such thing as “daily comforts”.    There was rarely safe shelter and every day was a battle. Appreciate the importance of appreciating what you have taken for granted and how in general most people have unrealistic attitudes about what they “deserve”.

5.  Realize that without great challenges, we cannot undergo a great change for the better.  Easy and cushy living = no real growth.  Frame this time as a time to inventory your character for your weak spots and make a daily or weekly goal to address a skill gap. Read my viral blog about the 10 character flaws that can derail people.

Reflect on your psychological vulnerabilities during this pandemic.

6. Help younger people understand that in proportion to other world crises, this pandemic is not out of scale for human history.  We have faced enemies like this before.  Discuss what the essential principles to live by are: simplicity, acceptance, grit, reflectiveness, proactivity, community-mindedness, and large-heartedness. 

7. Use the current dynamics to better understand the difference between true science and politicized propaganda.  Focus on, with those around you, being science-based, so you are not manipulated into one “faction” or belief system.  It is far too easy to begin worshipping one person or viewpoint. Humans love to idolize.  Open your eyes.  Be mentally agile and constantly willing to see issues from a variety of perspectives – before you develop your own perspective. If you don’t, you are a pawn in a Grand Propaganda Game.

8.  Reach out to a seasoned “steady hand” if you feel overwhelmedRead my blog about 12 questions to ask a Mentor, coach, or therapist to find your best professional. Practitioners like myself are using telehealth and/or Skype to reach people around the world.  If you or your child has unique challenges during this time, be proactive and find a specialist, instead of thinking that discipline and yelling will solve anything.

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