Face to Face or Remote Nationwide Availability


You expect your doctor to be both caring and compassionate and to use the most effective techniques – How do I do this? I focus on being a professional who listens on a deeper level, so that as we talk you know we are getting to the “core” of the issue(s). I focus on being a doctor who partners with you, so you feel we are making decisions together.

We will work as highly interactive partners who remain focused on helping you or your child reach their potential. I am committed to respecting the part your feelings, beliefs, and values play in the solutions we identify.

Our discussions will likely address which approaches will work best with the personality factors and values involved in your situation. Our discussions may include reviewing competing scientific opinion, so we formulate the most potent solution.

One we determine what tools and techniques will must be generated to take care of the problem, we will work closely to monitor and adjust the approach we initially map out. Our adjustments will be driven by whether we are meeting the success criteria we have setup. We will vigilantly monitor progress toward the goal(s) using ways we agree objectively shows whether the therapy, counseling, or consultng is helping.

During this process, I never forget the importance of people feeling comfortable and relaxed. A primary focus remains your level of comfort not only with what we are doing, but how we are doing it.

You expect to work with a professional who knows how to choose the most effective approaches – How do I do this?

We live in a world where global knowledge is at our fingertips, and with each new client I am re-assessing what the best combination of techniques will look like. I am constantly integrating the latest behavioral science research, and I lean into my specialized skills in areas such as assessment. As a researcher who has developed a published behavioral science tool (View the Tool Here) being adapted into fourteen (14) languages, I specialize in using advanced methods that pinpoint the problem more precisely so we target the right areas to find the most sustainable solution.