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Finding your Needle in the Haystack of Careers: How to identify the most meaningful and lifelong occupation

By the end of this quick read, you will have learned about a user friendly process to identify your Core Assets that goes far beyond traditional Career Guidance

For you or your child to find a deeply meaningful, economically prosperous career, the task is no easier than finding a needle in a haystack.

Finding Your BEST Sweet Spot Career is no easier than finding the Needle in the Haystack

This is why a mountain of statistics indicate a huge majority of people are less than fully satisfied with their career choice.  Numerous surveys taken indicated that the biggest regret of people at the end of their life tends to be faulty career choice.  

Even those who love a certain area of occupation, such as Medicine, often choose the wrong specialization because they did not rigorously assess all the Medicine related career options.

And we all know the worst thing to happen in life are regrets, especially regarding what you choose to spend most of your life doing.  In fact, choosing the wrong career results in a person feeling like they “spent”, i.e., wasted their time.  It is very hard to find something more depressing that a wasted life.

In stark contrast, the lucky few who discover a best fit career, in their elder years, are able to reflect on time invested, and enjoy an immense return on investment (ROI).

And for young people, now that the education market is incredibly diversifying, going from high school senior to a career feels like trying to survive a dark and twisty labyrinth.  How to choose the best combination of schools, majors, minors, online courses, internships, certificates, etc. most often feels overwhelming.  It does not need to, but it always will unless deep insight is obtained.          

How to find Your Needle

To find the needle, it is critical to do 4 things that compose my trademarked Precisely Engineered Career Guidance Process (PECG):

1) Take a thorough inventory of your warehouse of passions (P), natural aptitudes (NA), and talents (T). There is a mythology that by simply taking Career Assessment Tests (CATs), you can do a thorough assessment.  CATs (like cats in real life) do not work hard to get to know you in-depth, and churn out huge lists of possible occupations only.  What you need is a more dog-like experience, one that will be a more loyal to befriending you in a deeper way.  

2)  Identify what kinds of daily work activities most deeply tap into your unique combination of P + NA + T to give you the deepest level of meaning.  Each of us is like an orchid, where we flourish in a particular set of environmental conditions.  By understanding your deepest Passions, your brightest Natural Aptitudes, and your strongest Talents, we can identify which daily activities make you feel the most energized and powerful.  

But too many people do a casual review of their P/NA/T profile and forget that it is not about adding these 3 components together.  Instead it is about how our particular P’s, NA’s, and T’s FLOW TOGETHER.  If you think of these 3 are rivers of energy, we need to discover the activities that are located where these rivers merge, thereby creating your Most Poweful Flow (MPF).

Discover Careers tapping into the point where your Rivers of Energy Flow together

 3)  Use a systematically rigorous methodology to determine which, of over 1,000 occupations, involve work activities most aligned to your MPF.  There may be numerous occupations that best tap into your MPF.  The question then becomes finer grained; which few or one is most closely aligned to your MPF. 

After counseling and mentoring over a 1,000 people, from all walks of life, I have honed a unique process over the last 15 years which now is reliably and precisely identifying careers which best tap into your MPF.

4) Conduct even finer grained assessment of the remaining small final pool of Sweet Spot occupations, by recognizing which occupations not only match up with your MPF, but also account for your complete set of predominating personality dynamics (PPDs).  Hint: these PPDs go far beyond the P + NA + T formula

Going Beyond Generic Profiles by weaving in your Red Threads

For example, your P/NA/T profile may indicate your MPF points to medicine as the best occupation.  But now the question becomes what area of medicine, which has over 40 subfields.  And, are you meant to become more of a researcher or practitioner?  What level of medicine is best for you to go for?  Physician assistant, Nurse practitioner, MD, osteopath?

In other words, to find your Sweet Spot careers, you must appreciate that because of your history up to this point, we must identify each of the “red thread” themes which run through your life, that transcend the P/NA/T formula.  Ten people can have the same P/NA/T profile, but have very different overall personalities.  Only a Human Science expert can expertly help you delineate what those red threads are, and how they weave into your P/NA/T tapestry.

The career counseling field is littered with people who have small amounts of true human science driven personality assessment training and experience.  That is likely why so many people tell me they have been depressingly let down when they sought “career guidance”. Currently, career guidance is a generally superficial enterprise.

As a PhD in Psychology, who trained with a globally recognized personality expert, I learned how to comprehensively but concisely assess key human states and traits.  For 15 years, I have honed my process, and now have a proven track record of Mentoring people into Careers they are now excelling in.

My Mission is to combat and one day destroy the superficial approaches, and replace them with a process that discovers your nucleus, so your power can be nuclear. Wherever you live, you can reach us, and find your nuclear reactor.

The Power of the Sweet Spot

Immense Control and Power comes from the Sweet Spot

I grew up playing competitive tennis, and the Sweet Spot was an area on the racquet where your fully take advantage of the dynamics of that particular racquet.  When you hit the ball using the Sweet Spot, you maximize your power, control, and feel for the ball.  You come closest to playing Masterfully, and enjoying the Experience of swinging over and over again. 

Get the deepest feel for your Personality racquet, and for the rest of your life your work, even on hard days, will still involve enjoyable play.

View my short movie describing a breakthrough I have come upon.  Avoid life-long regret for you or your child, by taking advantage of my now globally utilized process of Precisely Engineered Career Guidance (PECG). 

Please forward this blog to whomever you now who does not know what they want to do, is a high school junior or senior, or is not happy with their work.  They will thank you!

If you wish to join my growing PECG Team, contact me at drb@doctorbrunner.com

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