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Good to Great Newsletter Winter 2019/2020

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We are excited to release our newsletter summarizing great developments in 2019. Announcements and information includes Dr. Brunner’s newest research and publications as well as the release of user-friendly forms.

Good to Great Newsletter -Winter 2019/2020

Dr. Brunner welcomes you to review any of the over 170 blogs he has written, many of which have gone viral.  Examples of viral blogs are entitled as follows: 

–10 Character Flaws That Can Derail Even Good People

–Do you Need to See a Counselor? 6 Overlooked Reasons that are Derailing You from Your Potential

–How to insure your child strategically uses college to find a career rather than as $150,000 playground

–Why and how you might have your child assessed for giftedness or exceptional talent

–12 Questions to Ask a Counselor, Therapist, or Mentor You are Considering Seeing

–Effective Parental Steps to Protect Your Child from the School Shooter

–10 Effective parental steps to take amidst the recent tidal wave of sexual abuse allegations

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