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School Learning Brochure

Given my expertise in working with youth and college students, I am often called upon to help parents find the best learning environment for their child or adolescent. This could mean helping parents and their child choose a new school, or developing a practical bullet point list of changes they wish a current school to consider in lieu of special needs or giftedness. Not uncommonly, I am asked to give a “second opinion” in situations where parents and the school may disagree. In these cases, I am able to draw from my background as a child and adolescent expert who regularly submits reports to schools that are well received and results in meaningful changes.

Since I’ve worked closely with teachers as well as administrative personnel at middle and high schools as well as universities, I have an intimate understanding of what goes on behind the scenes and how to advocate for a child’s particular set of learning needs. For example, I have worked with over 100 different schools (in Florida and Arizona) while advocating for a child’s special giftedness, learning disability, or ADHD. My experience includes one full year of working with one of the largest school districts in the United States: Hillsboro County School District (Tampa, Florida).

I utilize these school-based experiences to help parents ensure their child is set up for success at school. I also help parents establish a way of monitoring how their child is doing academically so they feel they have a plan to know if their child is succeeding or not. The feedback I often get from parents includes how their appreciation for how I helped them understand how to walk the line between accommodating their child’s special needs while not coddling their child so that they keep their child maturing appropriately. This is a very tricky line to walk in off and can mean the difference between a child feels overwhelmed versus a child who feels they are finally succeeding at school after years of frustration.

My specialized understanding of learning disabilities and learning disability law allows me to be a effective advocate who forges strong alliances between parents and schools by bringing people together. When necessary, I also can be a skilled advocate who can help remove obstacles that are keeping a child from receiving the special assistance they need at school.

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