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How Assessment Helps You

You are looking for a great detective who will provide a solution-focused roadmap so you can navigate current and future problems. To obtain a truly long-term, durable roadmap, you need a professional to identify the key, but often hidden, factors driving your problem(s).

Psychological assessment breaks down your situation into its fundamental pieces. While the medical puzzle which is composed mainly of biological pieces, the behavioral health puzzle composed of biological, emotional, behavioral and social pieces. These pieces may even be related to education and learning, even in adulthood. 

Great psychological assessment goes far beyond generic diagnosis, and helps you understand how those different types of pieces interact with each other in patterned ways. This allows you to gain a masterful grasp of the many ways you can attack and overcome the problem.

Because the brain is the most complex organism on planet earth, you need a patient, methodical, and rigorously thorough detective to sift through what is often a mountain of information. I come from a family of engineers, and my style is to methodically proceed as a detective who helps you engineer a solution.