The PECG Advantage

How are we different?  Most career guidance approaches are Superficial Career Assessment Methodologies and are SCAMS. One reason is most career guidance counselors lack the advanced training to understand how to comprehensively assess personality.  From beginning to end, the Precisely Engineered Career Guidance (PECG) process is a carefully calibrated system which ensures we never trust one piece of information too much.  You deserve a rigorous approach.

Our revolutionary assumption:  Most career guidance methods assume there is one career.  In stark contrast, a voluminous amount of social science research clearly shows people can be happy doing more than one career.  We know there is a grouping of activities (and often more than one) that you LOVE, but could be done under a variety of career titles.  Example:  A person may find out they love to work on engines, and they could work in a wide array of mechanical positions.  Our process is designed to help you see all of the positions you could work in, so you can across your life change careers but still be in your Sweet Spot. 

We want you to not simply find your passion, but precisely identify the combination of work activities leading to your Sustainable Life Work (SLW). To do this, we use a process to make sure we define those activities you most enjoy, so you can discover all the different careers for which you are a Natural Fit, finding your SLW, and identifying your Sweet Spot.

Why are you lost if you do not find your Sweet Spot? After combining over 70 years of social science research with our published expert personality assessment work and in the trenches Mentoring of 1,000’s of people, we have discovered that the way traditional career guidance is conducted is superficial.  

What does the Sweet Spot FEEL like?  When someone is engaged in their Sweet Spot activities, they experience Flow, or “being in the Zone”, and no matter how challenging the activity is, it can be enjoyed across one’s lifespan.  We have come to understand this Sweet Spot as operating like an “Eternal Battery”.  

What sets us apart?  We do not allow any one piece of information to have too much influence, but instead utilize a deeply scientific process where each component is tested through re-analyzing of data.   All parts of our rigorous system are smoothly integrated to produce the most in-depth personality assessment, leading to precise personality career calibration.