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The secret to most powerfully exploiting the post COVID-19 education buyers market

COVID-19 is fundamentally restructuring the global education market.  Things will never be the same, nor should they be!

We have all known for at least a decade that higher education tuition has become irrationally, unbearably expensive.  Parents have had enough, and so have students themselves.  Even upper income families are now revolting by realizing. As a career counselor, I am not only happy to see the revolt, but leading the charge toward a much cheaper and more effective route.

Any why shouldn’t they, and you! Most college graduates do not graduate with a job. So why are we (and you) paying exorbitant tuition fees that are second only to our mortgages in magnitude of expense?

As COVID has shrunk salaries, and caused a pandemic of unemployment, people are even dipping into their retirement accounts to fund college.  Amidst this hard scrabble reality, a New Education Shopper (NES) is in town!  And there were already scary statistics before COVID hit.

Stories about the runaway train of college tuition are now being replaced with stories about colleges closing.  Even well established and cherished schools are suffering mightily.  Many more will close.

Yes, we still need brick and mortar schools where students meet, debate, certain kinds of training occur, such as with medical school. And certainly there are terrible online courses, just as there are very bad physical classes as well.

History is ridden with moments where there were revolutions, and millions of NES’s are now scrappy buyers who recognize they have more power than ever before. 

The New Education Shopper (NES)

The NES is being empowered by many trends, including more education offered online, as well as colleges being willing to accept course credit from any other educational organization.  Even Ivy League or other so-called elite colleges, who previously viewed junior colleges or other schools with a condescending attitude, are now changing their tune.  They now are catering to students who want to transfer credit to them.   

One of the leading reasons so many are looking for the cheapest undergraduate option, is we all know graduate school is more important to spend money on than certain “filler” undergraduate courses.

College presidents, like those piloting the sinking Titanic, are rushing to ensure their school is as accepting as possible with credits from other schools, even junior colleges.  No longer are schools able to assume that their reputation is enough to pull business in.  The NES’s are gritty, who now piercingly see into new ways to get a college degree for cheaper.

Why shouldn’t NES’s take as many classes as possible for as cheaply as possible, as the local junior college, if the offering is as credible?  Many junior college professors are just as accomplished in their fields, and many are even more accomplished, because they are not tied up in the traditional university bureaucracy. 

In fact, as I have mentored over a 1,000 people, I hear them saying many of the courses taught at junior colleges are just as educational, if not more.  Junior colleges can often have smaller class sizes, and can offer a more customized educational experience vs the more expensive yet stadium sized classes at large public or private universities.   

How do students find their way with so many options?

But with this newfound freedom, students are having even more problems finding their way.  Why?  Previously a student would declare a major and then fill in their academic schedule with requirements and electives.  But as colleges move toward a less structured system, and give students more choices, students are increasingly overwhelmed as I work with them. 

Meanwhile, my cutting edge PECG process is growing by leaps and bounds, and my focus is to go global with my evidence based and time tested process.   

There are just too many options, and no way to navigate the educational labyrinth, even for early and middle career professionals.  Without the deepest level of self knowledge, choosing the exact set of steps that will ramp up to a lifelong career is nearly impossible.  Very few people are born instinctually knowing the exact career they want.  My wife always knew she wanted to be a veterinarian, but she is among the lucky few!

As students go online and stare at screens of hundreds of options, they are getting lost walking the aisles of the mega educational warehouse.

What is the solution? 

4 words: Precisely Engineered Career Guidance (PECG)  Reach out to us and save yourself 100’s of 1,000’s of dollars

By precisely identifying the discoverable place of Nuclear Fusion, where your inborn passions, native intelligence, natural aptitudes, workplace environmental preferences, and economic goals intersect, you CAN find your career Sweet Spot.  But not alone, a Wise Guide is necessary! 

A true PECG requires the customizing hands of a human science engineer (see my bio here) whose can apply the very best personality science has to offer, so this process truly delivers you into your True Potential. Too many people settle for taking a career test and then getting a list of a hundred jobs they should consider.  LOL.

I have mentored over 1000 people over the last 15 years, and developed my PECG process through years of honing and sharpening of this engineered mentoring mechanism. 

Everyone has a Nuclear Fusion Sweet Spot; that place where all of your predominating energies and skills intersect. 

Stop adding to human capital pollution caused by making costly educational decisions based on whims, guesses, and casual advice from non-human science experts. 

As an expert depth psychologist, I have found that for so many of my adolescent and young and middle-aged clients, a key reason they are unhappy is they are not in the right job.

Your job, whether you are a parent or a student, is to enter the warehouse of educational options armed with a precise cost-saving road map that will lead to the pot of Gold: a satisfying and economically secure, life long career.

With graduate school (and thus even more schooling) becoming a new and expected level of education for some fields, only a precise plan can save you from life altering tuition debt.  Save your money for graduate level education, you will need it!

Choose wisely!   Find a expert college and/or career counselor

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