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Combating our Student Great Depression with Precisely Engineered Career Guidance (PECG)

Young people worldwide are watching their academic institutions struggle to find ways to deliver a quality online curriculum while their school requires the same tuition rate.  Couple this fact with the stark reality that tuition has already become a runaway train in the US, and other parts of the world. 

Students are facing very worrisome economic conditions, and their schools are not designed to do Precise Engineered Career Guidance (PECG).

Your 5 minute read results in discovering the leading, scientifically based way to ensure a student carves out a meaningful, reliable, economically viable Future.

In short, tuition has irrationally increased; it’s completely out of proportion with increases in standard of living over the last 20 years. Parents Mary and John Mainstreet cannot afford college tuition any longer. And their son, John Jr, is going into college with little idea of what they want to do for a ultimate career…statistics say John Jr. will most likely change majors about 6 times.

The traditional college education system is broken!

College tuition is no longer affordable for Mary and John Mainstreet

And because competition in the online education market is exponentially increasing, as I have said in other blogs, before the full effects of the pandemic hit all of us, a large amount of educational institutions worldwide will close or completely revamp how they operate.  Online education may be thought of like Amazon.com, eating up “local” or “physical” retailers.  There are upsides and significant downsides to this, but this trend will continue. 

Pre-COVID-19, the traditional brick and mortar higher education educational system was already deteriorating at a fast pace.  COVID-19 has only served as a powerful catalyst to quicken this pace.

Online education makes the student feel like they are in an Amazon warehouse, without a roadmap based on the deepest self insight needed to choose a precise career

There is no doubt that there is a continued need for classrooms where people are learning in the same physical space.  But we are learning that more than we ever thought possible could be taught online.

A recent Pew research poll found that the share of young adults living with parents is higher now than during the Great Depression.   A staggering 2.6 million young Americans moved back in with their parents between February and July of this year. 

A huge majority of these 2.6 million students are deflated, floundering, and without a clear vision of how they want to contribute to the world.  There is a mountain of statistics all showing that the age old myth that you go to college, somehow magically find the right career, raise a family and then happily retire (like in investment commercials where you are on a sailboat) is now being blown up.

Outlandish tuition costs are making college not affordable by the typical American family, and lack of precisely engineered career guidance is causing students to waste voluminous amounts of time wandering around college campuses, or wandering after high school.

When we assume our educational institutions will ensure our student finds their precise educational pathway, we are sadly mistaken. The average number of students that an academic counselor has to deal with at a university is approximately 300!  These counselors most often do not have the time to do in-depth career guidance.

Meanwhile, as I have learned over the past 15 years of Mentoring and counseling students, a true expert career guidance professional is nearly impossible to find. Most career guidance professionals do career guidance on the side, or they use superficial career assessment tests.

With this kind of process, we are wasting voluminous amounts of intellectual capital because humans are not finding their precisely accurate needle in the career haystack.   

Moreover, as the speed of technology evolution quickens, colleges have continued to fall farther and farther behind with the real market is asking for in terms of actual skills.  In short, there is an increasingly dramatic gap between what people learn in college and what they need in the real world.

What is the solution to this set of challenging conditions, that are causing our students to feel a new level of depression not seen in the younger generation for many years? Precisely Engineered Career Guidance (PECG)™.

The only way to make all the right turns is to first know your exact destination

My mission has become to, on a global level, replace superficial career guidance with a rigorous, precisely engineered methodology.  Career guidance will soon join the growing list of subfields of engineering, because it is highly technical, and demands a human science expert!

Young people are in dire need of Expert Mentorship!  Our PECG benefits are driving us to growing exponentially around the globe….

If you know a parent of a young person, or a young person who does not have complete certainty about exactly what they want to do in the future, you need to help them educate themselves on the Precisely Engineered Career Guidance methodology that will ensure they find the True Potential!

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