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Moving from an unfulfilling pre-COVID-19 job by finding your post-pandemic vocational Calling

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Tens of millions of people will be laid off or have their positions terminated through downsizing as a result of this devastating pandemic.  The sad reality is many people, judging by the comments they are posting online, never felt a deep connection to their daily work or to their academic major or graduate program focus. 

And yet, we know that it is hard at have a fulfilling life if one does not feel fulfilled in their current academic program or workplace.  So what next?

First, realize that the most common regrets people have, according to some studies, is their choice of work. 

So, don’t let history repeat itself.  Correct any major life decisions you have made NOW. 

Unhappiness at work equals unhappiness in Life

Don’t join what statistics say is an epidemic of unfulfillment at work.  Rather, choose your next academic pathway or workplace career using a precisely engineered process.

While a vast majority of career guidance methodology resulted in superficial matches, what I call “career hookups”, I have over the last 10 years developed a highly effective method resulting in my clients now finding deep levels of meaning and fulfillment in successful careers.

Among our clientele we have students who have gone on to competitive graduate programs, the National Institute of Health, working on Capitol Hill, as well as a client who recently accepted a job with an NBA team.

Join the minority of people fulfilled at work.

Here’s the bottom line:  If you want something beyond a career hookup, which is destined to fail, find someone who utilizes a multistage, systematic, methodological, precisely engineered career guidance process

Only a small percentage of these millions of people who have lost their jobs or will, are going to undergo a process whereby they are turned inside out.  Will you be a member of that very small group? If you want a lifelong career marriage that is meaningful and stable, look for more than a hook up.

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