Assessment Expert: As a behavioral scientist who has been called upon to conduct assessment for a wide diversity of groups (e.g., parents, schools, attorneys, court systems, professional organizations), I specialize in advanced psychological assessment. I sub-specialize in several areas of assessment/evaluation including the following:

  • Gifted Assessment
  • Learning Disability Evaluation
  • Developmental Assessment
  • Personality Assessment
  • Child clinical Assessment

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Evidence-Based Treatment (EBT): In a world where a large group of professionals will offer their services, you must determine who has both the most caring manner and most credible skills. As a clinical scientist, my approach is to focus on using the most well researched options. Examples of clinical conditions that have been found to respond well to respond to EBT’s include the following: ADHD, Asperger’s, Autism, obsessive-compulsive problems, anxiety (e.g., PTSD, Social Phobia, Panic Attacks), depression, dyslexia.

Developmental Psychology: Understanding how a child or adolescent’s age, stage, temperament, etc. must be factored in if we are to understand their current level of development/functioning. A large part of my original training and ongoing work is in consulting on, assessing and treating emotional, behavioral, and learning problems in children and adolescents to help them reach their potential. I specialize in helping parents and other professionals (pediatricians, schools, attorneys) understand even perplexing children who may seem have so many issues that no one is able to help them or even understand what conditions/problems are actually operating. My evaluation style focuses on clarifying the puzzle pieces and how they relate to each other, leading to a clear treatment road map composed of user friendly recommendations.

Over the years, I have published several research papers on developmental issues, as well as investing 5 years of my life to publish a behavioral science tool used in several parts of the world.