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Spring 2018 Newsletter

Smart parents can use summer to help their child grow…

-Figure out their career (See our process in this 3-minute movie)

-Correct focusing problems and minimize use of medication (Use Cogmed)*

*Cogmed is the most evidence based non-medication  method.  Medication does not teach skills, but Cogmed does.  Cogmed can be used with medication as well.


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Find books and movies that help your kids grow & safeguard them from inappropriateness

10 things to do with your child this summer to make their next academic year better

Why Vacations that get Your Family off the Electronic Grid are so Important to Deeper Bonding


 Precisely understand medication effectiveness

Why trust your unreliable memory to know if your – or your child’s – medication is working??? Use our cutting edge, precise medication tracking diary, introduced in our blog about:  How to know if your – or your child’s – medication is truly working


Our Talent Development/Peak Performance services are growing, as we now have Olympic athletes as clientele

Why psychologists are an essential part of coaching teams?



The Brunner explanation: The problem is, even with the most driven athlete, making the most enduring, precise changes come from a mechanical understanding of the brain.  To move the athlete from current entrenched habits to improved habits takes recognizing the brain is like a very complex engine.  To reliably change its performance requires you know exactly where to adjust or replace various processes or parts.


Thank you to the University of Arizona Athletics Department with whom we continue to work closely …BEAR DOWN! 





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Make sure your $50,000-$200,000 college tuition results in a lifelong career 

Ensure your student finds an educational and/or career pathways deeply synchronized to who they REALLY are!
-Our brief movie revealing our process:  Personalizedmatching.com  
-Career service overview: Overview of Services – What We Provide
What is Dr. Brunner up to?

-Dr. Brunner’s LinkedIn

Dr. Spielberger

Upcoming scholarly biography of Dr. Brunner’s mentor.  Here is the citation for now because it is in press.

Brunner, T. M. (in press). Charles Spielberger. In B. J. Carducci (Editor-in-Chief) & J. S. Mio & R. E. Riggio (Vol. Eds.), Wiley-Blackwell encyclopedia of personality and individual differences: Vol. IV. Clinical, applied, and cross-cultural research.  Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley & Sons.


German adaptation of our anger measure now published

Our anger measure is now being used in athletic, forensic, clinical, medical, and school settings

Anger Management Research by Doctor Thomas Brunner


Providing cutting-edge tools to Arizona’s legal community





Download our innovative, functionally powerful problem characteristic sheet that allows anyone using it to functionally assess a problem.  Not just for attorneys, this form can be used by any parent to functionally assess the characteristics of problems.  A great sheet to bring into any kind of practitioner to help you most precisely report the nature of the problem.  It can be used for medical problems as well.

Problem Characteristic Sheet


   Avoid getting lost in the jungle of behavioral health!! 

  What are the most powerful treatments available

  Understand what questions to ask practitioners to vet them



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Critical take home points for parents from a 45 year study of 5000 “genius” children

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How to teach your child (and yourself) that the True Nature of Romantic Love is about Giving not Getting

Can a butterfly wing cause a hurricane resulting in a suicide?  Raw truths Netflix’s “13 Reasons Why” exposes that parents need to act on


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Dr. Thomas (Tom) Brunner is a Tucson based psychologist and published expert who has a 20 year track record of clinical excellence, scientific research, teaching, publications, awards and podcast interviews.  He is the senior author of a psychological measure adapted into 14 languages worldwide, and has written over 250 blogs, many of them have gone viral.  He is revolutionizing the field of career guidance with his fresh and trademarked approach that is spreading like wildfire. Sign up here to be notified of soon to be published book, Find Your Real Me: Career Guidance Making You Truly Free.