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Making career guidance as deep as you are

Out of graduate school I set up an independent psychology practice serving people from all walks of life.  It didn’t take long for me to observe the pounding blows that work drudgery beats people down with, day after day.  In the first year of my practice (2007) it became clear to me that a leading reason people had mental health problems was that they were not engaged in meaningful work.

In fact, the clinical problems of many of my adolescent and adult clients were directly rooted in boredom at school and/or in job dissatisfaction. The bottom line is this: if you aren’t happy at work, it’s hard to be happy at all. Work that is more stressful than satisfying takes its toll on your mental health.

By deeply probing into the nature of work dissatisfaction among hundreds of my clients, I quickly realized that most people did NOT use any kind of systematic method to select their career. They “fell into” a career, maybe because they trusted the casual guidance from a family friend.  Some had taken a personality test and lifted ideas from the bar graph of findings. Others said they were following their “heat of the moment” passion. Whatever non-rigorous method they had used, these now psychologically distressed people had lost years of their lives.  

How many of your friends have chosen a career after going through a systematic in-depth process? Likely few, more likely none. You cannot make one of the two most complex decisions of your life (the other being who your long-term partner will be) without using a sound, reliable method. You deserve a deeply reliable process that will guide you through even the worst storms that life blows your way.  

We all know there are people who feel “called” to do the work they are doing. It is as if their work has a sacred aspect. Their work doesn’t seem to stress them out, but does the opposite: Their work helps them feel more whole, more grounded. They are rooted in an intensely joyful feeling that their work matters. This elite group of workers knows that when they are old, they can sit back in their rocking chair and reflect on their meaningful journey.  For this deeply fulfilled group, work is a Calling, not a paycheck. This group knows the greatest paycheck is authenticity. 

How about you? Do you consider your work a Calling?

As a PhD psychologist and Tucson career guidance counselor, I have crafted a unique approach that goes deeper than the traditional shallow career guidance. My rigorous career guidance system, called Precisely Engineered Career Guidance (PECG)™, makes each person aware of their vast and deep collection of powerful psychological raw materials, as well as the dark side of their personality.  By learning about your dark side, you are protected from being undermined by qualities you may not even be aware of.

If you want to find work that’s as deep as you are, then you need a career guidance process that finds your brightest and darkest aspects. We are all familiar with the idea that the self is like an iceberg, where we are only aware of the small amount above the waterline. Unfortunately, traditional career guidance, with its over-focus on giving you a bar graph of traits, tells little about who you truly are. Your depths remain uncharted.

Be truly free by finding the Real Me

The focus of PECG™ is to help you know how to identify, refine and combine your various raw materials in ways that allow you to most powerfully harness your creativity. The ultimate goal of PECG™ is to ensure you live your life with pride, avoiding the bitter end-of-life regret that most people have. The irony is, to shine with your brightest light, you need to come to know your dark side.  And PECG™ has been carefully developed to identify the dark side of your personality.

We are at an epic time in history where students and workers are seeking deeper purpose more than ever before.  Meanwhile, mental health statistics continue to show that people are increasingly choosing work based on how it will affect their mental health, rather than based on the size of their paycheck. If you’re interested in learning more about a method through which you or your child can find sustainably fulfilling and fun work, please feel free to sign up to be notified of when I publish my book on my new career guidance method. Alternatively, you can contact our office in order to learn more: 520.314.4772.

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Dr. Thomas (Tom) Brunner is a Tucson based psychologist and published expert who has a 20 year track record of clinical excellence, scientific research, teaching, publications, awards and podcast interviews.  He is the senior author of a psychological measure adapted into 14 languages worldwide, and has written over 250 blogs, many of them have gone viral.  He is revolutionizing the field of career guidance with his fresh and trademarked approach that is spreading like wildfire. Sign up here to be notified of soon to be published book, Find Your Real Me: Career Guidance Making You Truly Free.